Michael D. Lee, MD, FAAD Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Lee is a superior doctor with a great personality – he is always pleasant, efficient and explains all my results, listens well to concerns.”
– Susan S., August 2016

“Dr. Lee is a 5 star rating”
– Anonymous, June 2016

“Dr. Lee was very kind caring and professional. He definitely tried to calm my worries about the Moh’s procedure he was going to be doing on my face.”
– Lynn C., February 2016

“When I returned home I called and thanked the friend that recommended Dr. Lee.  I was very impressed with Dr. Lee, the staff and the entire experience.”
– Edward M., January 2016

“Dr. Lee was totally there for my concerns. He made me feel I was safe.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“Couldn’t be better. Dr. Lee explained every step of the diagnosis, treatment and everything in between.  Professional and compassionate.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“I am extremely pleased with my visit with Dr. Lee. As I stated before, I was treated by another dermatology practice and NEVER once saw a doctor. I was no better off after four months of weekly visits than I was when I first went to them. I feel confident in Dr. Lee’s professionalism and skill.”
– Ann Christine S., November 2015

“Great experience. Staff was friendly and Dr. Lee came in right away and very pleasant. Also, answered all my questions with patience.”
– Victoria T., November 2015

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