Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Expanding Telemedicine Options Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Riverchase Dermatology
April 8, 2020

Fort Myers, FL – April 8, 2020 – As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates around the country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging and encouraging health care providers around the country to utilize telemedicine services to provide continuity of care for patients while keeping patients safe at home to avoid in person treatment unless it is a medical emergency. Experts say that virtual doctor visits are critical to reduce the spread of the disease and avoid overwhelming our local healthcare systems, who are focused on treating our most ill and critical patients.

Telemedicine was originally created as a way to treat patients who were located in remote places, far away from local health facilities or in areas with shortages of medical professionals. While telemedicine is still used to address these problems today, it is now a critical tool for healthcare as we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

Riverchase Dermatology has been offering teledermatology services for over 5 years, through their telemedicine platform, DermConnect. The DermConnect platform was adopted by the practice as a way to stay connected to patients and offer an alternative to a live visit. The platform was utilized primarily by college students who were looking for continuity of care while away at school, busy professionals who found it challenging to fit a doctor’s appointment into their schedules and for patients needing to connect with a dermatologist after hours or on a weekend. The Coronavirus pandemic changed the way Riverchase utilized teledermatology services moving from a store and forward platform on DermConnect to a live virtual visit, using the Doxy.me PRO platform.

Riverchase has been on the forefront of telemedicine and is excited to expand the offering of telemedicine services to virtual visits in an effort to address the dermatologic needs of our local communities, a service to all residents throughout Florida. It was of paramount importance for us to continue to treat the thousands of patients seen in our offices daily in a virtual format. As we work to be part of the solution to flatten the curve and protect the health and safety or our patients, providers and staff, it was essential to transition to a live virtual visit, utilizing a telemedicine platform that was simple, highly reliable and HIPAA compliant. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurance carriers are temporarily changing their guidelines and allowing increased coverage with easier access to telemedicine services. Medicare has waived co-insurance for telemedicine visits right now as an effort to encourage this form of communication over in-person visits when possible.

“During these unprecedented times, we are pleased to be able to offer our patients access to high quality dermatologic care virtually from the safety of their homes. Over 65 of our Riverchase providers from around the state of Florida are available daily to conduct live virtual visits with our patients via our Doxy PRO platform. This platform was ideal for us due to the visual quality, which is essential in the field of dermatology. We hope this service provides great comfort to our patients as well as protecting the communities in general from unnecessary exposures and aid in the conservation of vital PPE during this time.”, says Andrew Jaffe, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Riverchase Dermatology.

“Our telemedicine platform, Doxy.me, is a great way for our patients to continue to connect with us face to face during these uncertain times. My patients and I have enjoyed this alternative form of communication as we are just one click away from one another”, says Dunnett Durando, DO, a board-certified dermatologist practicing with Riverchase in Lee county.

The telemedicine platform is simple and easy for patients to use. All that is needed is an internet connection and access to a tablet, smart device or computer with a camera and microphone enabled. Through the telemedicine platform our providers are able to diagnose and treat most skin conditions.

“As a provider who has been engaged in teledermatology over the last 5 years, both with the DermConnect and Doxy.me platforms I cannot convey enough how simple and easy the Doxy.me platform has been for both my patients and I as a provider. I was able to see approximately 50 patients through our beta test of the new virtual platform and it brought such joy to assist with the onboarding of additional Riverchase providers as I was able to share tips for creating the most optimal remote virtual visit”, says Shanna Miranti, PA-C.

“This was my first time using any telemedicine platform and the whole process could not have been easier. The peace of mind that this gave me, not having to leave my house was amazing. My issue was addressed with ease and I feel great. I could not say enough wonderful things about using this technology. I am so thankful that my dermatologist gave me this option”, says Lourdes Jenkins, a patient of Riverchase Dermatology.

To schedule a telemedicine virtual dermatology visit please contact Riverchase Dermatology at 1-800-591-3376 or click here