Here are some dermatologist tips for combating ‘maskne’

July 1, 2020

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the phrase “Maskne” has been coined by Dermatologists.

Pre-existing skin conditions and even new conditions are developing because of mask use.

“Conditions that exist are worsening and we’re getting new conditions too,” said Dr. Aurora Badia, Chief Medical Officer for the Florida Skin Center. “So, we’re seeing a lot of people with breakouts, more redness, more rashes.”

Badia said there are ways to treat and prevent “Maskne,” especially as temperatures begin rising and mask mandates are put into place.

“You can’t just wear the same mask over and over with the same makeup. Oils build up. Make sure you clean your mask,” she said.

Dr. Mary-Margaret Kober, who works as a Dermatologist at Riverchase Dermatology, said masks are still highly recommended, but everyone should take precautions to make sure they don’t sweat through their masks, developing a skin condition.

“Wash your mask after every use. Don’t wear makeup underneath the mask. That will just help clog the pores,” Kober said.

She said not only to eliminate makeup worn underneath your mask, but also to apply moisturizer.

“Before you put your mask on, wash your face and then apply a good moisturizer. That moisturizer will actually act as a barrier and will help protect you from developing more acne underneath the mask,” she said.

She also said you should place a piece of breathable fabric, like cotton, inside your mask. The fabric is washable and helps eliminate the build up of oil and makeup.

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