10 Best Drugstore Tinted Moisturizers That Deliver Tons of Skin Benefits

August 31, 2020

If your skin is starved for hydration, there’s an easy solution: tinted moisturizer. While you could use any great face moisturizer, one with a hint of color helps streamline your beauty routine.

Think of the product as a basic version of a BB cream, or blemish balm, says Dr. Michele Green, a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC. Tinted moisturizers, are similar to BB creams however the main goal of a tinted moisturizer is to provide hydration with a hint of color, she explains. “BB creams are essentially a souped-up version of your moisturizer—they provide color and light coverage, but also prime the skin and address skin concerns such as superficial wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.”

One isn’t necessarily better than the other, though. Both tinted moisturizers and BB creams are good for your skin. Rather than get stuck on what type of product to use, think about what your own skin needs the most. If it’s hydration, one of these great tinted moisturizers, straight from the drugstore aisles, will be the star of your daily routine. (That’s right: You don’t need to splurge to get that dewy glow.) There’s a great drugstore tinted moisturizer on this list for everyone, whether you have a lighter or darker tone, acne-prone, mature, dry or oily skin. Just don’t forget to choose one with SPF so the product really pays double duty.

Goodness Glows Tinted Moisturizer
Burt’s Bees
This tinted moisturizer provides lightweight coverage, while hydrating the skin all day, says Dr. Annie Gonzalez, a board-certified dermatologist in Miami. It harnesses the power of natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil and coconut oil to provide anti-inflammatory and rich antioxidant benefits that not only protect the skin, but also minimize redness and retain moisture.

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