“I came on the wrong day but the right time. The staff found a way to fit me in to avoid a return trip from Marco island. They were all great.”
Richard F.

“The person checking me was extremely patient and very professional. I had forgotten my insurance card and she helped me find a way to get the card to the office that same day without compromising my appointment time.”
Deborah K.

“The front desk staff kept us updated as to what Doctors where behind schedule, something you do not get at other offices. I found this very helpful.”
– Dale P.

“I just love my doctor! She has a wonderful personality and was able to assist me with a couple conditions that really bothered me. I’m very happy I found Riverchase Dermatology. THANK YOU.”
– Marjorie C.

“I am very pleased I have selected Riverchase as my Dermatologist Clinic.”
– Stephen S.

” I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how excellent NP Stephanie is at your Marco Island office. Only twice in my life have I encountered a practitioner who was so genuinely cool, nice, knowledgeable, open to answering my questions, and patient with all of my concerns. She is definitely a gem and an asset to your practice! Her medical assistant (Cortney, I think) was also very helpful, kind, and efficient. I will definitely be returning to your facility to see them whenever I have dermatology concerns, and I have rec’d my friends and family to see her as well should any problems arise. Thank you!”
– Anonymous 

“I have been to many dermatologists, but Dr Kim Davidson and Dr Jaffe are truly the best. I had a lesion on my face for a few months that was growing. I had seen another local dermatologists who did not address it or show concern about it. I made an appointment with Riverchase and they knew right away it was Basal Cell Cancer. Dr Jaffe did an excellent job removing it, and no one can notice even where it had been on my face. My entire experience with Riverchase was relaxing and stress free. All the office staff treat you with respect and kindness – always. I will never need to look for another dermatologist, I have found the best.”
– Melissa

“I have had at least two visits to a dermatologists before I went to Riverchase. No one else thought the bump on my face was worth taking a look, even after I pointed it out. The bump was basal cell. I know that now since Laura Taylor thought it was worth taking a biopsy. I am back in Boston for the summer so I’ll have to have the surgery that Laura recommended here, but my visits will be at Riverchase whenever I’m not here. THANKS so much to Laura Taylor.”
– Bob Kammer

“It’s so nice coming into the office. Everyone is so friendly and it seems that everyone genuinely enjoys each other. I feel like I’m walking in to a big family.”
– Dr. Vyas

“I just want to Thank Dr. Davidson and her team for their efforts in expediting my recent biopsy. Both the ability to get a fast appointment and receiving the results prior to my out-of-town trip. Great Group!”
– Frances Bainor-Boyle

“After visiting Riverchase Dermatology for skin cancer screening I began my own personal campaign encouraging my family and friends to have a screening, prevention is important. The customer service is phenomenal and I started referring patients on a regular basis.”
– Jane Kirkman

“At Riverchase Dermatology, I was able to get an appointment quickly and didn’t have to wait 6-12 weeks as other dermatologists told me. The staff and providers always show they care and they know who I am, I am not just a patient. At Riverchase Dermatology I was provided a thorough evaluation. Within the first 5 minutes of my first visit, the physician assistant, Sady, identified a mole that looked suspicious and it turned out to be melanoma. This mole had been passed over by other dermatologists. It basically saved my life. They take their time with patients, and I appreciate the personal touch I have received from Sady through my experience. At Riverchase the staff is always professional and friendly.”
– Scott Bryan

“All of the staff and providers at Riverchase Dermatology are very efficient and very professional. They are very nice with patients and I was very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Jaffe and Dr. Davidson. I was impressed with Dr. Jaffe putting the welfare of his patient first and referring me for the proper treatment I needed.”
– Virginia Carmichael

Dear Dr. Kagen. Thank you so much for your outstanding care of my mom; your love for what you do mixed with a “true desire” for better than average results. You are a compliment to your profession. With grateful thanks.
– Karen Morris & Liz Myers

I have been going to Nikki Escott for my facials for many years. Nikki’s treatments are the best! She is not only highly educated in skin care and conditions, but always selects the best products for her client. Her facials are so relaxing I often fall asleep!
– Valerie Klosterman

“Dr. Phi-Van le has been my dermatologist for over 10 years. Being an artist herself, she treats my face cosmetically with such artistry and detail, always natural looking. What I love about Dr. Le is that she is very honest and sincere with her recommendation to keep my expectations realistic. I have never felt more naturally beautiful and confident in my life. In addition, I know Dr. Le to be very giving to her family and her community; it reminds me to do something positive and give back to my community. I recommend her to all my friends and clients, but most of them already see her as their dermatologist. I am very proud of being over 60 years old and it’s all thanks to Dr. Phi-Van Le!”
―Cecilia B., May 2017

“Dr. Phi Van Le has been my family’s dermatologist for over 10 years. Her deep knowledge in the field of dermatology, her compassion and caring for others has made Dr. Le an amazing dermatologist. She has always strove to acquire the latest and advanced techniques to offer her patients with the most effective dermatological treatments. Her ability to perform dermatological surgical procedures is excellent. Dr. Le also specializes in cosmetic procedures which yield great results. Her artistic talent coupled with her medical knowledge and experience has made her one of the best specialists in this field. She is very professional and friendly. She interacts greatly with all age groups, including my son and daughter. She is very organized and on schedule with her appointments. She thoroughly listens to our concerns, and discusses treatment options in details. Our family is very fortunate and grateful to have Dr. Phi Van Le as our dermatologist. Dr. Le is involved in several charities and community events despite her busy office schedule. She not only strives to help her patients but also others in the community. This makes Dr. Phi Van Le one of the most loved and well respected dermatologists.”
―Danielle D., May 2017



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