Phi-Van Le, M.D., FAAD Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Phi-Van le has been my dermatologist for over 10 years. Being an artist herself, she treats my face cosmetically with such artistry and detail, always natural looking. What I love about Dr. Le is that she is very honest and sincere with her recommendation to keep my expectations realistic. I have never felt more naturally beautiful and confident in my life. In addition, I know Dr. Le to be very giving to her family and her community; it reminds me to do something positive and give back to my community. I recommend her to all my friends and clients, but most of them already see her as their dermatologist. I am very proud of being over 60 years old and it’s all thanks to Dr. Phi-Van Le!”
―Cecilia B., May 2017

“Dr. Phi Van Le has been my family’s dermatologist for over 10 years. Her deep knowledge in the field of dermatology, her compassion and caring for others has made Dr. Le an amazing dermatologist. She has always strove to acquire the latest and advanced techniques to offer her patients with the most effective dermatological treatments. Her ability to perform dermatological surgical procedures is excellent. Dr. Le also specializes in cosmetic procedures which yield great results. Her artistic talent coupled with her medical knowledge and experience has made her one of the best specialists in this field. She is very professional and friendly. She interacts greatly with all age groups, including my son and daughter. She is very organized and on schedule with her appointments. She thoroughly listens to our concerns, and discusses treatment options in details. Our family is very fortunate and grateful to have Dr. Phi Van Le as our dermatologist. Dr. Le is involved in several charities and community events despite her busy office schedule. She not only strives to help her patients but also others in the community. This makes Dr. Phi Van Le one of the most loved and well respected dermatologists.”
―Danielle D., May 2017

“I am afraid of seeing doctors, but that changed after I saw Dr. Phi-Van Le as my doctor. I had a suspicious mole on my face that she removed painlessly with such ease and light hands, without any scars. Now my whole family sees her as our dermatologist and I recommend her highly to all my friends and coworkers. Her office is very clean and beautifully decorated with her own paintings and art throughout. She has a busy office, yet her staff is always courteous and friendly. She also coordinates and volunteers her time in countless community events as well as free health fair clinics. I explicitly trust and highly recommend Dr. Phi-Van Le as my doctor.”
―Hai L., May 2017

“I have been a patient of Dr. Phi-Van Le for over twenty years now. It is with extreme pleasure that I recommend her to anyone who needs her services. I have complete confidence in her and her staff.”
―Timothy D., May 2017

“Dr. Phi-Van Le is everything you could want in a dermatologist. Kind and caring, thorough and thoughtful–she is awesome. I’ve been going to dermatologists for more than 50 years and I can say without a doubt she is the finest doctor I have ever gone to. She listens to you carefully, never rushing you out of the office like so many other doctors do. She is totally professional and up-to-date in all things dermatological. I refer all my friends to Dr. Phi-Van Le.”
―Joe W., May 2017

“Throughout my adult life, I have been treated by numerous Dermatologists, both privately and at the University of Miami Dermatology Department. Presently, I am being treated by Dr. Phi-Van Le at her office in Weston, Florida. She is by far the most competent, caring and painless Doctor who has treated me.”
―Steven Greenberg, DDS, May 2017