Charles Camisa, MD, FAAD Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Camisa is a wonderful doctor and has helped me for over nine years!  As a matter of fact I drive from Ft. Lauderdale to come to see him!”
– Eleanor W., August 2016

“Dr. Camisa was very concerned about my condition, by asking if I had any other problems.  He explained what he was doing to do and how he was going to do it.  He explained everything in language I could understand.”
– Thomas M., June 2016

“I have great confidence in Dr. Camisa. When he began providing services at your facility, I moved my records to you so that he could continue to oversee my health care needs in a location closer to my residence.”
– Jane T., June 2016

“I have lived in the area for seven years and have been a patient of Dr. Camisa since I moved here from NJ. I have been seeing dermatologists for decades and without question Dr. Camisa is the best and most professional doctor I have encountered. Thank you Dr. Camisa.”
– Bill S., June 2016

“Dr. Camisa is an excellent doctor.  He shows care for my condition and I can talk to him about everything. He is so willing to help my needs. He is the BEST.”
Ernestine M., April 2016

Superb care from Dr Camisa and his assistants. The best, most competent and caring doctor in any medical speciality I’ve ever seen, and I’m over 70 years old.
Robert Z., March 2016

My wife and I have been under Dr Camisa’s care for the past 15 years and never had a bad visit. Dr Camisa is a truely professional and dedicated physician, I have recommended him to many of my friends.
– Willy L., March 2016

Dr. Camisa is one of the top Doctors in the Country for treatment of psoriasis and I feel extremely lucky to have him in our city.  He is the best.
Rick L., March 2016

“I’ve been to many dermatologists including John Hopkins, Penn State, Mayo Clinic, Gettysburg & Hanover, PA (the later two are private practices). Dr. Camisa is THE best!”
Carey M., March 2016

“Very good experience with knowledgeable staff and highly courteous attitudes. Dr. Camisa is the best overall physician I have encountered here in Florida. I transferred all my medical records from another Florida dermatologist to Dr. Camisa after my last visit. He is my primary physician now as far as I am concerned. Thank God for Dr. Camisa!”
Louis M., January 2016

“I have been seeing Dr. Camisa for over thirteen years and I would highly recommend him.”
Margaret N., January 2016

“Dr. Camisa is very kind and gentle. He listened very intently.”
Suzanne P., January 2016

“Dr. Camisa and his assistant are great. Very pleased with his knowledge, attention, and professionalism.”
Patty D., January 2016

“I am so relieved to have met Dr. Camisa since I have had a skin rash for 6 months. I left this office feeling such a sense of relief – like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I consider myself very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Camisa. I have no doubt that my medical issues are being addressed by a highly regarded doctor and I know that I am in very good hands now that I am being helped by him.”
Lori H., January 2016

“Very pleased.  Best medical office I visit in every way!”
Judy H., January 2016

“Dr. Camisa is thorough with regard to my dermatological care. His assistant is extremely knowledgeable and very professional and compassionate.”
– Anonymous, November 2015

“My Doctor was excellent. I came in with anxiety anticipating the worst prognosis but Dr. Camisa put me at ease right away. A true professional..”
– William M., November 2015

“Dr. Camisa is thorough with regard to my dermatological care. His assistant is extremely knowledgeable and very professional and compassionate.”
– Anonymous, November 2015

“Cannot say enough good things. I was satisfied 100%.”
– Daniel B., November 2015

“Dr. Camisa is the very best!!!”
– Christopher P., October 2015

“I wanted to congratulate Dr Camisa on his recent Connelly award as a TOP DOCTOR. He absolutely is a healer and has helped me so much. Anyone who is a patient of his, is VERY lucky.”
– Lisa D., September 2015