Anne McBride, MD, FAAD Patient Testimonials

“Dr. McBride is wonderful. Very kind and caring and explains what she is doing at the time she is doing a procedure and makes sure you have clear instructions when you leave.”
– Amy M., January 2016

“Excellent medical service. Dr. McBride is a first class physician.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“Dr. McBride is a excellent dermatologist. She answered my question in a concerned manner and advised me how to take care of the problem.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“Dr. McBride diagnosed a rare skin disease and it was confirmed by a biopsy. I read in the literature that this disease often takes 2 years to diagnose that she diagnosed in my first visit.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“Dr. McBride has been my dermatologist for many years.  She’s the best!  Careful, thorough, sympathetic, dependable.  However, she is only in Sarasota one day a week and that makes it a long wait to get an appointment.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“Dr. McBride has been my dermatologist for many years.  I’ve had much skin damage from too much sun-bathing in my youth.  She has been very thorough and has repaired the damage so that it did not return. I have recommended her to people that I know in Sarasota.”
– Anonymous, January 2016

“There was no delay and the time with the doctor and the nurse was spent really to understand my problem and take care of my health and make a professional plan for my recovery.
– Anonymous, January 2016

“There’s always a long wait to see the doctor but we think it’s a trade off because we really like Dr. McBride and her high level of care and professionalism.”
– Patsy S., December 2015

“Dr. McBride was very caring, friendly, professional and thorough. I was very pleased with both the care and the cleanliness of the practice. I will definitely will recommend Dr. McBride and Riverchase Dermatology!”
– Anonymous, December 2015

“Dr. McBride is a very nice Dr. and answered all my questions, and gave me very good advice regarding skin care.”

– Barbara B., November 2015

“I always speak highly of Dr. McBride to others. She is extremely thorough – I know because I have been to other dermatologists in Sarasota over the last 25 years – and she is the BEST in my opinion.”
– Jean D., November 2015

“Dr. McBride was excellent- thorough, kind, caring and positive.”
– Chelsey, November 2015

“I loved Dr. McBride. I felt comfortable and in good hands. I recommended her to my entire family and my close friend. I will be seeing her again for sure.”
– Deborah D., November 2015

“My experience with Dr. McBride was excellent! She is a caring & understanding Dr. I have recommended her to my friend.”
– Jean D., November 2015

“I have recommended Dr. McBride to many friends and family.”
– Carol G., November 2015

“Dr. McBride and staff are very reliable and careful and I am very pleased with her.”
– Diane B., November 2015

“Dr. McBride is a wonderful doctor and her personality is very pleasant. I have found Riverchase to be so much more patient focused than when it was West Coast. The overscheduling and wait time was poor. I am so pleased with the changes made that make the office visit much more pleasant. Thank you.”
– Donna S., October 2015